Hard Floor Care Servies

Hard Floor Care Services

Hard Floors

Hard floors are great choices for commercial buildings due to their durability and multiple uses, and regular maintenance ensures your hard floor surfaces are long-lasting and continue to look great year after year. Routine hard floor cleaning is included in our janitorial service, and additional services are available at a low cost to our clients. Our floor care services are also available to the general public in Dallas and the surrounding area

Our staff is trained to clean and maintain all types of flooring including marble, granite, concrete, brick, hardwood, or vinyl compressed tile. We will follow all manufacturer recommended cleaning specifications to ensure your floors look the best.<

Floor Resurfacing

Each type of hard floor has unique needs when it comes to maintenance an resurfacing, and each job requires a special amount of time and considering to ensure the best results. At Dallas Janitorial Services, we offer the following floor resurfacing methods:

Diamond Shine

Our cleaning crews are trained and experienced in hard floor resurfacing, and we use only the highest quality sealants and equipment to ensure  your floors look their best and continue to look great with use. Our staff is kept up to date on the latest floor care trends and green cleaning methods.

Sealed Floor Maintenance

f your sealed floor’s finish has become dull, eaten away, or has become less slip and fall resistant, we can help you.  We use only the finest quality sealers and top of the line equipment to create a long lasting shine that will enhance the look of your building.

We offer:

First time sealing for brand new floors

Buffing to reveal a new shine

Wash and re-seal

Complete stripping and re-sealing

Our hard floor resurfacing and sealing services are available to our janitorial services clients for a special price. We offer these additional services for the convenience of our customers, and this is just one of the many benefits we provide. Contact us today to learn more about our hard floor cleaning services and our janitorial services in Dallas and Ft. Worth today

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Please note: We do not do one time cleaning.


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